The first day of the course covers the basics of FEES, from understanding swallowing as seen endoscopically, through the evaluation protocols, to scoring examinations, and finally to using endoscopy as a treatment tool. On the second day of the course, case studies are presented for practice scoring and we cover administrative issues to help you set up a FEES program and bill for your work.  Along with every lecture are abundant video clips to aid in understanding. An extremely valuable part of the course is the 4 hours of hands-on training time where the participant will have practice passing the scope under direct mentorship of an experienced speech pathologist.  We guarantee each participant at least 5 mentored passings of the laryngoscope so that an initial level of comfort and skill can be attained.

The cost for registration, including materials, breakfast, and lunch, is $600/person. If 2 or more people from the same institution attend, a reduced rate will be applied. Further discounts are offered if 3 or more persons from the same institution apply.

FEES course at Boston Medical Center

You can attend a Foundation FEES course at Boston Medical Center where you pay a registration fee of $600 and we do all the work. 
An Advanced FEES course is $350. Registration and more information are available by contacting Gintas Krisciunas at or by going to our website:

My colleagues and I offer courses to train speech pathologists and physicians in this procedure.    

FEES course at your site

If you are interested in having a LangmoreFEES course at your site, please contact Susan Langmore at The fee for this will depend on how many instructors/mentors you want, the number of participants, how much preparation you need help with, and the cost for traveling to your site. We can provide a Foundation or Advanced course, or a hybrid, depending on your needs. 

For information on these and other FEES courses, please go to our new website:

Upcoming FEES courses

Foundation courses

March 14-15 - Edmonton, Canada
(Private course)

April 4 -5  - Mumbai, India
(and Laryngectomy Rehab course April 6-7)
Contact Arun Balij:

May 8 – 10 - Rimini, Italy
Foundation and Advanced courses
Contact Meet and Work:

June 27- 29 - Seesen, Germany
Foundation and Advanced courses
Contact Dr Randall Thomas:


Langmore FEES

The Langmore Foundation FEES Course
The Foundation course is a 2-day basic course aimed at a range of clinicians: those with no experience to those who are currently using FEES. The faculty is made up of myself and/or other experienced speech pathologists who teach the course. We may have guest lecturers in pediatrics or otolaryngology. The participants are mainly SLPs who have experience performing modified barium swallow studies and are ready to add FEES to their daily practice.  Some physicians attend who are interested in adding FEES to their practice; they often come as an SLP-MD team. Some graduate students are also in attendance.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

Advanced courses

Feb 23 - Boynton Beach, FL
Contact Selena Reese:

March 23 – Greenville, South Carolina
Contact Gintas Krisciunas:

April 27 – Erlanger, Kentucky
Contact Gintas Krisciunas at

June 15 - Charlotte, North Carolina

(Private course)

Langmore Advanced FEES Course

This course is targeted at clinicians who had been doing FEES for a few months or years and want to advance their skills. Participants are encouraged to bring a recorded FEES exam they have performed so that we can provide feedback on how to improve your skills. There is time set aside for scoring studies so you can calibrate your scoring to others. There will be a limited time set aside for hands-on where Dr. Langmore will give tips on handling the scope and we may have a volunteer outpatient for a live evaluation. Updates on research and development of FEES will also be covered.

FEES Courses Registration

FEES Courses in California

We are happy to announce that Langmore FEES courses have expanded to California.  Dr Langmore is joined by experienced speech language pathologists from UCSF, Stanford, and DVA, San Francisco, who have all used and taught FEES for many years.