Photo 5.  Abnormal Finding: Residue of cracker: mild in the vallecula; a string of cracker also visualized

Photo 4. Anatomy:Home position, viewing the larynx and its surrounding channels.

Langmore FEES

Photos of FEES Exams and Findings

Photo 1: Typical set up for an inpatient examination. Patient is fed in bed by a second clinician. Monitor is in view of patient and examiner.

Photo 8. Abnormal Finding: Aspiration of thin liquid

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing

Photo 7. Abnormal Finding: Secretions in the laryngeal vestibule and post-cricoid region

Photo 6. Abnormal Finding: Residue in left piriform, lateral channel, vallecula – severe

Photo 2. Typical set up for doing an outpatient FEES exam. Patient faces monitor and feeds herself to get constant visual biofeedback while eating and swallowing.


Photo 3: Food and liquid to be used in a FEES exam with food dye for better visualization. Barium or milk is used with liquids for best sensitivity if aspiration is in question.