Susan Langmore, PhD,

In the past few years, my lifestyle has changed considerably.  My official title is Professor, Otolaryngology, Boston University School of Medicine but my only link to BU is through research projects and teaching at FEES courses there.  I left Boston 3 years ago and currently, I work from home.  I am on several boards, including the Dysphagia Journal. I serve on several committees and continue to teach FEES courses in the US and abroad.  For the next year, I will be President of DRS – the Dysphagia Research Society.

My career has mainly been that of a clinician and researcher.  I have worked clinically in all settings, from the ICU to Inpatient wards, outpatients, and rehabilitation settings. FEES was developed in response to our perceived need to have an instrumental examination that could be brought to bedside for patients in the ICU and other settings where transportation to Radiology was problematic.  As we did more FEES on more patients, we realized the potential for FEES in a variety of settings and for a wide spectrum of medical conditions.